Symposium Program -- برنامج

Symposium Venue: King Abdulaziz Cultural Center, AlBaha, Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, Feb 24

9.00 Opening Ceremony

10.00 Photo Session

10.20 Exhibition: Scientific Showcase, Coffee
- Moderator: Nadeem Hassan

11.00 Keynote 1: Stephen T. Frezza
Professionalism and Quality: What can accreditation offer Engineering? [ppt]
- Moderator: Arnold Pears

12.30 Prayer, Lunch

14.00 Paper session 1
- Session chair: Fokrul Alom Mazarbhuiya

15.30 Prayer, Coffee

16.15 Paper session 2
- Session chair: Farooq Ahmad

17.45 End of day

20.30 Dinner

Wednesday, Feb 25

9.00 Keynote 2: Sultan Aljahdali
Technology in Education: Its Impacts in Future Leaders. [ppt]
- Moderator: Mohamed Shenify

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Paper session 3
- Session chair: Neena Thota

12.30 Prayer, Lunch

14.00 Paper session 4
- Session chair: Åsa Cajander

15.30 Prayer, Coffee

16.15 Discussion: Our Future
- Moderators: Rahmat Budiarto and Arnold Pears

17.15 Closing ceremony

17.30 End of day

20.30 Dinner

Paper session 1

Session chair: Fokrul Alom Mazarbhuiya
Rahmat Budiarto, Mohammed Saleh T. Alghamdi, Arnold Pears, Lelyzar Siregar. Study processes of students in Saudi Arabia: A case study [poster]
Neena Thota and Anders Berglund. Integrating International Students into CS Programs. [ppt] [poster]
Krichen, Moez. Some Hints to Improve Teaching Quality in Computer Science Courses. [ppt]
Ismat Aldmour. Video Recorded Lectures as a Sup. Resource in Teaching Electrical and Electronic Circuits: Students’ Perception and Instructor’s Insights [ppt] [poster]

Paper session 2

Session chair: Farooq Ahmad
Anders Berglund. Learning to program: A discussion on the interplay of theory and practice. [ppt] [poster]
Aletta Nylén. Developing writing competence in IT-engineering students. [ppt]
Bedine Kerim. Impact of Mathematics in Computer Science Education. [poster]
Mohammed Husamuddin and Fokrul Mazarbhuiya. A Study on Emerging technologies in Computing Education. [ppt] [poster]

Paper session 3

Session chair: Neena Thota
Åsa Cajander, Bengt Sandblad, Thomas Lind, Roger McDermott and Mats Daniels. Vision Seminars and Admin. of University Education – A Case Study. [ppt]
Virginia Grande Castro. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Lessons Learned from a Student’s Perspective. [ppt] [poster]
Ismat Aldmour. Social Networks as Effective Students-Instructor Communication and Collaboration Tool: Case Study of Computer Engineering Students. [ppt] [poster]
Farooq Ahmad, E-learning and Ethical Development - impact on the student learning experience. [ppt] [poster]

Paper session 4

Session chair: Åsa Cajander
Arnold Pears. Envisioning the Education of the Future. [ppt]
Ali Alshehri, Naif Hamed Almutairy, El-Sayed Osman, Mohamed Shenify and Rahmat Budiarto. Improvement of Teaching Listening English as Secondary Language Using Student Response Systems, A Case Study at King Fahd Secondary School in Albaha: Towards Informed Teacher Decisions.
Matteo Magnani. Data science and engineering education at the IT Department of Uppsala University. [ppt] [poster]
Farooq Ahmad. Enhancing Ethics in the Computing Education Curriculum. [ppt] [poster]

Exhibition: Student Posters

Moderator: Nadeem Hassan
Adbdullah Saad Al-Malki. Automatic On-Off Street Light Switch. [poster]
Ahmad Atyah Alomary. Battery Charger Circuit Using SCR-Transistor. [poster]
Abdulrahman I ALKINANI. Smart City. [poster]
Shahinaz Moamen Radwan. Webdesig & Development: Creative Design. [poster]
Sara Abdulla Alghamdi. Designing Interactive Websites. [poster]
Mohammed Ali Asiry, Moath Noaman and Sari Helal Ahmad Al-Zhrani. Smart Home. [poster]